Installing GridPane on New Relic


There has been some interest in having a demonstration on Zoom of how to install New Relic. A recent post on install New Relic on Ubuntu 20.04 by Sean on the GridPane Facebook group has sparked more people to come forward asking for help installing Newrelic.

What will be Covered?

The following will be covered.

  • Installing Newrelic on a GridPane server running Ubuntu 18.04
    • Step by Step guide on setting up the Newrelic agent and PHP extension.
    • How to include the PHP Extension into your php.ini and set the appropriate application name key.

What won't be covered?

This will not cover the new guided New Relic "Full-Stack Observability" installation. Unless there is enough demand or I will do another class for it.

How much will it cost?

I really love playing with technology and it's a passion. I love giving back to the community and haven't decided what I would charge for this. But open to your feedback.

Will it be recorded and available afterwards?

Still thinking about this. I would love to give everyone who attends a recorded copy. But not 100% sure if I want it all over without GridPane approval.

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