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GridPane ClamAV Scanning, what’s the value?

Sorry to jump in here.

I think Angel hit the nail on the head. Why list ClamAV as a feature? Simply because Maldet is using it? Why not list Maldet+ClamAV instead? Or list "Malware Scanning" and then dive deeper into the feature through documentation?

Malware Scanning on a WordPress offering would suggest it's tuned or developed specifically for WordPress. Suggesting a customer wouldn't need to look at using something like Blogvault, Malware, WordFence, Sucuri, or VirusDie.

This isn't a question about the accuracy of malware scanning, but more about the offering and value. Why should I use GridPane's Malware Scanning versus VirusDie or Blogvault? Are they different?

Not all solutions can detect every piece of Malware.