MOAR Speed Project

Created Date


Here are the folks involved.

  • Denny Cave
  • Scott Thomason
  • Eric Brockway
  • Jordan Trask


At this time there are no sponsors. However, if you lend us a product that you sell to the public, we'll use it for our testing and place a link to your service. We do not however endorse any sponsors, we want your servers for testing and that's it. If it means we have to link to your company, then so be it.


The goal of this project is to take various bare metal servers of different configurations and test them using our testing methodologies.

We also want to see what providers are using for hardware, specifically CPU, motherboards, memory and storage. So you'll see a little bit of a deep dive into this.


Here's a Google Sheet of all the servers that we've tested.


Grab a coffee, this is going to be a long read.

What is Bare Metal?