WordPress Hosting Providers and Cloudflare Enterprise

Feb 22, 2023 2:29 PM

I ran into a conversation about Hosting Providers and their implementation of Cloudflare Enterprise, which at times could simply be a badge and not provide all the features Cloudflare Enterprise provides. Here’s my reply.

I usually go to the source because then you know what you're getting unless you can verify that the middleman is providing the same as the source.

As mentioned, stating "Cloudflare Enterprise" doesn't actually mean anything other than they've implemented Cloudflare Enterprise. They still have to integrate Cloudflare Enterprise and all the related features available if they decide to provide their customers with x,y and z features. So you might find you'll get more from a free plan than you would from a host that uses Cloudflare Enterprise.

If you can't afford $20/month, list the Cloudflare features you need, and ask the host that implemented Cloudflare Enterprise to confirm they can offer those features. Then you will need to vet if they're in fact implemented entirely or if you've got caught up in overpromising and under-delivering.