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Jan 13, 2022 2:53 PM

Ninja Forms broken Re-captcha v3

I posted about 6 days ago an issue with Ninja Forms implementation of Google’s Re-captcha v3 on their plugins WordPress Plugin Repository support section. I’ve heard nothing yet.

I did also email them directly a week ago, and just emailed them again. At this point I would consider their active participation in the free plugin to be delayed. I wouldn’t recommend Ninja Forms free to anyone.

Update 01-27-2022: You have to add Recaptcha V3 through the actions portion of your form versus as a field. This was an error on my part, poorly designed UI/UX in my opinion but I might just be salty about spending too much time on this and not RTFM or taking a moment to explore. 🙂

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Great idea for a plugin, and I might make a clone of this myself. However it’s extremely broken and I wouldn’t use it. The developer seems to be active however.